#SNAPRT Twitter chats

As part of the Students and New Archives Professionals Section Social Media team, I designed frequent #snaprt Twitter chats regarding topics of interest to our constituents. This is a two year ex-officio Steering Committee appointment, moving from Junior Social Media Coordinator Senior after the first year.

As Senior Coordinator, I added structure to the chat program by publicly establishing new guidelines: chat date and topic announcements on a monthly basis, a required topic for each chat, sharing example questions a week prior to each chat, providing related resources (to further the discussion, place the topic in its professional context, and involve those who can’t participate in the chat), and by encouraging guest hosting and topic ideas. (There wasn’t an existing policy regarding prior notice for chats or a template for announcements.) Chat announcements are made on Twitter, Facebook, and the SNAP, A&A, and Student listservs, and include potential discussion questions and a call to send in relevant questions.

All chats are Storified, and my teammate or I occasionally wrote chat summaries to highlight themes that emerged. (Example: Archivist and Technologist Collaboration chat summary). I worked with several groups to design joint chats, including the Records Management Roundtable, College and University Archivists Roundtable, and the Appraisal and Acquisitions Roundtable. (Example: Appraisal and Acquisitions Roundtable chat materials. We also worked with the SNAP Blog team to share announcements, Storifies, and summaries on the blog.

I managed SNAP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on a bi-weekly basis. My teammate and I promoted SNAP’s blog posts on Twitter by sharing quotes or themes, and we retweeted items of interest such as conference opportunities, SAA news, and blog posts from around the profession.