Orson Welles exhibit Touchscreen

As web development assistant at the Lilly Library, I designed a touchscreen display for the “100 Years of Orson Welles” exhibition during Spring 2015. Indiana University concurrently served as the host for the Orson Welles Centennial Screening and Symposium.

Patrons were able to view and listen to clips from 5 different film, theater, and radio works selected by exhibition curator, Craig Simpson. They included Touch of Evil, Citizen Kane, The War of the Words, “Voodoo” Macbeth, and The Shadow. The curator provided the media clips and text. I created the touchscreen display using HTML and CSS with the exhibition branding in mind. Audio clips were accompanied by a slideshow of related images. I also experimented with the Open Exhibits touchscreen software, but decided against this due to software bugs and limited customization options. This was the Lilly Library’s first use of a touchscreen display in the exhibition gallery, and they will be continuing to provide it in future exhibitions!