IU Faculty Council website redesign

While serving as a graduate assistant at the Indiana University Bloomington Faculty Council Office, I redesigned one of the websites managed by my employer as my final course project for Information Architecture for the Web in Fall 2013. I created the HTML and CSS for this site from scratch. The Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC) website provides information to the IU community about the Faculty Council’s structure and history, its policies, and the names and roles of all Council and committee members. Users may visit the site to gain specific information or to learn about the Faculty Council in general.

I reorganized information to more clearly reflect the structure of the Faculty Council and its committees. I also brought together meeting materials by date rather than providing them on different pages by type. In this way, users are not required to visit separate pages to ascertain when a meeting took place and to collate materials. I created descriptions of the different committee types and provided new ways of browsing through the committees (by name or by type.) I also improved the usability of the website through strategies such as breadcrumbs, links that are distinct from non-linked text, quick links to sections within lengthy policy documents, brief summaries of the different sections available on each page, and standardized tables with information about Council and committee members.

Please visit the new BFC website and feel free to visit the original through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine as a comparison.

I subsequently redesigned the University Faculty Council website for the Faculty Council Office. The original website is also available on the Wayback Machine.