Archives of Traditional Music Digitization and Access Analysis

For my final project for my Systems Analysis and Design course, taught by Prof. Noriko Hara, I worked with two classmates to provide advising to Indiana University’s Archives of Traditional Music (ATM) in the context of the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative. The ATM catalogs, preserves, and provides access to audio and video recordings of music and oral traditions from the state of Indiana, the United States, and the diverse cultures of the world. Our recommendations for adapting ATM workflows over the short term, medium term, and long term were designed to facilitate the integration of the ATM’s metadata into digital access systems so that online access to ATM resources might be implemented as soon as possible. This project provided me with exposure to audio digitization, the experience of conducting confidential interviews, an introduction to different methods for modeling information, and the experience of anticipating and planning for future needs. Special thanks goes to my classmate and project member, Tiffany Schoneboom, whose inside perspective on the ATM provided invaluable motivation and insight for this project!